The One-Offs Collection

The awkward common area shared by a bunch of topics linked only by their lack of a specialized group. Will this loose confederation of ideas overthrow the organized, disciplined ranks of the more seasoned serial pieces? No, they will not, because they’re too busy squabbling with each other for spare site views.

The Submarine Author
Style is the Warrior Himself
A Matter of Diligence
The Grimdark Issue
Cullen’s Swerving Style Soliloquy
The Perils of Writing With Hubris
On the Narcissistic Film Culture of the Squishy NobleĀ Underdog
The Writing Critic’s Singularity
Finding Your Fury
The Sword and the Pseudo-Swordsman: A Hackneyed Introspective
Introspective Indulgence: Forcing Habits
A Disjointed Collection of Thoughts on Realism Vs. Utility in Fictional Combat
Some Thoughts About Receiving Criticism
On Researching Material For Your Bilious Lies
On the Woeful Underuse of Suddenness in Fictional Combat
Fantasy Engineers Could Mix It Up
Regarding a Writerly Contradiction Of Which I’ve Become Aware
One Thousand Cuts
Further Examining the Importance of Knowing Things to Writing Things

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