Bird’s Eye View #10: A Wounded Wraith

(Episode 9 is¬†Here) Washi did not know where he was. This was exactly the situation for which Tarse gave him a GPS system. A shame that using that required establishing a satellite uplink, and Tarse locked him out when they cut him loose. The Defeds had unleashed a lateral whirlwind of tracers after him. They […]

Art Gallery: Absolution

For those who just want to see a gorgeous sword (hey, I worked hard on this thing, I deserve to preen a little!) without my ponderous loremmentary, here all my renders of Absolution. They are very pretty, and I encourage you to ogle them full-screen in a separate window. Pretty much all of them are […]

Idle Musings: Suffer For My Art (March 5, 2018)

Behold, reader: This strange, plasticky mass of grey angles is the larval form of my next weapon design. All I have to do now is texture it. Simple, yes? Haha. Hahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-AHA-HAHA Texturing means this: What you’re looking at right now is a 2-D projection of the blade from the sword above, open in GIMP […]

Idle Musings: The Unholy Grasp of Blender

Just before I graduated High School, I discovered Blender. This is an open-source, free to download modeling software. The first thing I did was make some shitty sword models. I was 18, so I thought these were godlike achievements. Fast forward to the present day, and Blender has become another of my curses. If you […]

The Youth, the Writer and the Warrior: A Parable

Three brothers lived long ago, in a forgotten age, in a land now lost. Their parents were well-to-do folk, but two of the brothers were born quarrelsome. The eldest insisted on having the last word in all things, and bored those around him with pointless, rambling stories. The middle brother was fierce-tempered and fearless to […]