Why the site, author-person?

If you’re looking at this website, I hope you’re here to do a little reading and maybe leave a comment with helpful feedback. If not, perhaps I can type something to change your mind.

So what exactly is this site doing, sitting smugly on the Internet and blithely stating “Why yes, I do exist,” to everyone who passes by? Well, mostly it holds my writing, or rather the little blurbs thereof that I develop the guts to share. That’s it. There’s no conniving plan in play, no grand master strategy to get something from you. If you happen to like something I write, please tell your friends in case they might like it too. If you despise everything you see here and want this blog to have a physical form just so you can burn it down, kindly go elsewhere. If I want people to scream at me over the Internet, I’ll just play an online FPS.

Say something, darn it!

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