Every great fantasy world needs (deep breath) LLLLOOOOOOOOORRREEEE!!!!!

…this is the central page for mine.

Canno and the Age of Splendor  –Lost ages of glory aren’t exactly uncommon, but I promise you this one shines brighter than the rest. 
The Loar War
  –Canno’s peoples could’ve tackled a Dark Lord just fine. The Loar were another matter.
The Ton People
  –Quarrelsome, towering, and stuck in bogs; the Ton sunburn easily, but don’t laugh. They’re bigger than you are.
Cannoan Magic
   –High fantasy without a magic system is just a waste of time. Careful with this one: all paths to the wielding of it kill the unwary. Some just make you suffer first.
The Grand Inquisitor’s “Knife”  An antagonist without an imposing weapon is really just an agonist. Um… so hey check out this awesome artwork!