Stream Announcement 4/5/2018

Hello, blog faithful! For any of you who’ve ever felt some strange urge to chat with me in person(ish), I’m streaming on Youtube at the moment, and will continue to do so for at least the next hour or so. Feel free to drop in, ask questions, or just chatter back and forth. (It doesn’t […]

On Youtube: Writing an Effective Fantasy Martial Art

I don’t plan on doing this regularly, but it just so happens that I run one of those rickety-addle code-contraptions the kids these days call a Youtube channel. I have been uploading things there of some relevance to this blog. Things like this: There’s really nothing else to say. If you’d like my advice on […]

Cullen On the Small Screen: Just Use Iai!

Hello, blog faithful! I’ll put up another episode of the podcast within the next few days, as well as the usual drip-feed of Idle Musings. In addition that, I’ll be writing up another Wheel of Archetypes article soonish. While you wait on that, I put together the first in a series of quick-and-dirty stagefighting critique/advice […]