Bird’s Eye View #7: Of Fans and Feces

The sun loomed overhead, casting pinkish-white light on them. Screw my ancestors. Lucky bastards never realized how nice it is to be baked by a golden sun. Pink is supposed to be on goddamn flowers. Washi had never wished so dearly for the sensation of his own sweat. If all the moisture was going to leave […]

Bird’s Eye View #6: A Loose Thread

Washi eyed the rain with something between suspicion and hatred. They’d finally cleared the fungal heaths yesterday and emerged directly into a mess of caverns, gorges and bizarre rock formations. There were few plants in sight, no virus-ridden corpses, and no bodies of water worth the name. The dozens of gabbling streamlets soaking their boots […]

Bird’s Eye View #5: Enter the OpFor

Some of you may have the impression the Defederated Association are the Opposing Force. They are not. Their interference in our mission is inadvertent. The OpFor is Tarse. If Basilisk completes his mission, we will fail ours by default. *** Pink rain poured through a hole in the ceiling to the right and dripped lazily from the barrel of […]

Bird’s Eye View #4: Names and Faces

“So, can we talk about-” Washi began again. “No,” Peregrine said. The pair moved at the head of the column through thick “jungle,” the mushrooms, stalks and clumps of foamy material so dense in places that they were constantly faced with the choice of blowing a hole through or doubling back. For now, they chose to […]

Bird’s Eye View #3: Strange Keepsakes

“Any KIA?” Desham asked. “Neg, sir,” Peregrine said. He hunched inside the split column of a vast mushroom, trying to ignore the sweet stink of the exposed yellow fibers. It reminded him of a terrible chowder, all sugary powder-taste and nothing savory. “The Wealthies we picked up are workable. Futile last stands agree with them, […]

Bird’s Eye View #2: Glorified Search Party

Against Peregrine’s protests, in violation of Raptor protocol, and despite Washi’s best efforts to bribe the Pads’ Stratoskipper jocks, the pair were given exactly enough time for a hot meal and lukewarm shower. They had markedly less time than needed to parse the three bulging folders of intel Desham threw down as they ate, and no […]

Bird’s Eye View #1: Shipping Not Included

Freezing gusts lanced through cracks and battered at the outpost’s door. They threatened to snuff out the oil lamps scattered near worn mattresses. A bundle of sweaters and defaced armor at the radio might pass for loose gear if his right hand didn’t snake out to keep the radio on. Captain Peregrine sagged under desperate boredom, but if he […]