The War I’ve Fought My Whole Life

Anger is a reptile. After basking somewhere deep within for ages, seemingly beyond recall or remembrance, it explodes out of you at the worst times. The harder you grasp it, the harder it thrashes. It goes from a striking viper to a death-rolling crocodile. This is what you’re told. Has it ever occurred to you […]

Of Masters and Myth-Sellers Part Two

Continuing my exploration of fraud in martial arts, I’ll finish laying out some of the worst warning signs in this article before I try to quantify good martial arts in part three. Some of the most visible hacks in martial arts follow the same pattern as most other posers. It’s a pattern half in what they say […]

Those Who Forget the Past: Why Must We Relive Our Failures?

The year is 217 B.C, approaching the high point of the 2nd Punic War. Hannibal Barca’s mixed force of Carthaginian, African and Spanish soldiers ransacks northern Italy. He destroys Rome’s outlying towns, terrorizes their allies and deftly avoids confronting the Roman army. Finally, under pressure from the Roman people and unable to contain his own […]