Idle Musings: How Did Modern Art Happen?

(Warning: The following is a series of barely-connected tangents. If you’ve grown to appreciate my thoughtful, well-organized material… well, grab some hard liquor first) I’m serious, how did we get to this point? I mean, I have nothing against Jackson Pollock (okay maybe a little), but I don’t understand how such things became the norm. […]

Idle Musings: Weapon Design is Weird

To be clear, I don’t mean the process of designing actual weapons is weird. Um, well, mostly. I do have to question the people who liked putting guns inside other, not-gun things (a gun inside a gun is just overengineering). I mean, really, why would you want a keygun? What’s the point of having a lock […]

Idle Musings: Star Destroyers Make No Sense

Think about it. Mile-long warship. Tiny starfighters. Tiny starfighters win. Look, I know that there’s real-world precedent for this in the awful mangling the Yamato received from American fighter-bombers, but that’s why we stopped building battleships. (Yes, you can thank airplanes for making surface warfare lame as hell. Stupid carrier spam.) In Star Wars this […]

Idle Musings: The Original Zerg Rush

Prussia’s victory against the Austrians in 1866 took a grand total of 7 weeks. In spite of the mythos surrounding the German soldier (hype which predates the actual Germany), it mostly came down to logistics. Prussia’s army was carefully organized for rapid mobilization, and a superior rail system allowed them to concentrate their troops far […]