Occasional Artwork: The Rebootana

And here it is: the product of a moment’s mad inspiration and dozens of hours of modeling, texturing, and artistic suffering: the Rebootana. Which is… actually an Odachi. Enough of my nonsense pedantry. I hope you enjoy this 360 gallery of obscenely high-resolution sword renders. The blade in particular is by far the most detailed […]

Art Gallery: Absolution

For those who just want to see a gorgeous sword (hey, I worked hard on this thing, I deserve to preen a little!) without my ponderous loremmentary, here all my renders of Absolution. They are very pretty, and I encourage you to ogle them full-screen in a separate window. Pretty much all of them are […]

Occasional Artwork: The Blade of Dragon Woe

Hello readers! Technically this is a repost, but it’s the first time this material will ever appear on my blog. The Blade of Dragon Woe (named by its bearer, not its maker) is an extravagant longsword I modeled for my cousin Eric’s novel Never Heroes. You can find all the relevant lore-bits in this article HERE […]

Occasional Artwork: The Violet Torso-cutter

That title is not, in fact, the name of my new series about an incredibly flamboyant serial killer (OC, do not steal). Torso-cutter is a literal translation of the Japanese term Doutanuki, referring to a particular style of nihonto known for their solid construction and (supposedly) power to cut through Samurai in full armor. I’ve made one […]

Occasional Artwork: A Most Immaculate Arming Sword

If it wasn’t apparent from the background image beneath this very text (and indeed, all other text on this site) I occasionally–hey, there’s the title!–do digital mock-ups of things I’d much rather have in reality, but can’t afford because I’m a poor writerly peasant. The particular sword I’m about to display is one I modeled […]