Common Courtesy: Podcast Planning #1

Hello readers! Just checking in here to explain that I’ve started working a second-shift job at a Mejier superstore, so I’ll have to reduce the amount of full-length material on the blog. That said, we’re about due for another episode of the Non-Sparkly Podcast. This one will be explaining my advice and thoughts on written fight-scenes […]

Crossover Time: Those Renders Are Up

Hello, readerly types! I’m brainstorming a new podcast later today. On reflection, I’ve decided I’d best keep the written portion of the blog too. While I like the podcasts for blathering ad nauseum, I must admit they lack my usual fontastic flair. No apologies will be made for that pun. A Duel Upon the Razor’s […]

Common Courtesy: Dialing it Back

Alright, folks, this seems like an opportune time for me to admit I’m in a bit over my head. What with the college semester in full swing, increased training regimen (again), looking for jobs and actually having editing to do all of a sudden, I need to pull the brakes on the blog. Posts won’t stop, […]