The Heck Just Happened With All Those Posts?

Hello, blog faithful! Before I (finally) get to my morning sword practice (at, the, er, beginning of the afternoon), I felt I owed everyone a quick explanation. I posted a short story recently. Some of you may have seen it. It represents significant emotional investment, a good chunk of time, and ungodly amounts of thinking […]

A Serial and a Plan For the Future

So, I’ve been winding may way to this conclusion in any case, might as well have it done. With my book (mostly) finished and in limbo until I find an agent, I have time to write other things while revising it. That brings us to this blog, and to Bird’s Eye View. For those of you […]

Common Courtesy: Podcast Planning #1

Hello readers! Just checking in here to explain that I’ve started working a second-shift job at a Mejier superstore, so I’ll have to reduce the amount of full-length material on the blog. That said, we’re about due for another episode of the Non-Sparkly Podcast. This one will be explaining my advice and thoughts on written fight-scenes […]

Crossover Time: Those Renders Are Up

Hello, readerly types! I’m brainstorming a new podcast later today. On reflection, I’ve decided I’d best keep the written portion of the blog too. While I like the podcasts for blathering ad nauseum, I must admit they lack my usual fontastic flair. No apologies will be made for that pun. A Duel Upon the Razor’s […]