Idle Musings: The Rebootana and Escaping the Art Zone

In the past week, I finally got around to watching a video Woolie Madden (of Youtube sorta-powerhouse Super Best Friends Play) crafted explaining what the original Reboot TV Series meant to him.

It’s in-depth, heartfelt, and absolutely bleeds that strange mix of nostalgia, bittersweetness and pure exhaustion unique to someone watching terrible things done to a piece of their childhood. I highly recommend watching it.

Soon after, I got it into my head that I’d design a Reboot-themed O-katana (really more of a short Odachi now) for Woolie’s hypothetical use. I told myself this would be a simple design. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve likely noticed I am borderline incapable of doing anything simply.

I have done nothing productive for the last five days but work on this sword, eat, and sleep. I have, at most, broken for a couple of hours to nap fitfully, and I think there were a few where I played a game or chatted with friends online. My total count of hours is anywhere between 25 and 35; I’m too burned out to say with certainty. At last, however, my work is complete:

This bears some explanation. I’ve said in the past–maybe not here on the blog–that an Aspergian obsession in full swing is not easily distinguished from a drug addiction.

I wasn’t exaggerating. As much as I love doing these projects, there’s a reason they’re so few and far between: I’d work myself to death or insanity if I let myself start on them much more frequently. One I’m locked in, exercise, social activity, and even food become secondary. I accept them only grudgingly, with the awareness of my off-put art nibbling around inside my brain case like an especially Avant-Garde parasite. There’s only The Project (the current one always needs capital letters).

This one is complete, at last. I’m free for now… until the next. I’ll compile renders and post them this Tuesday. For now, I’m eating lunch three hours late, and then I think it’s time for a nap.

I won’t complain much if it’s less “nap” and more “pass fourteen hours in blissful oblivion.”


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