Idle Musings: Star Destroyers Make No Sense

Think about it. Mile-long warship. Tiny starfighters. Tiny starfighters win. Look, I know that there’s real-world precedent for this in the awful mangling the Yamato received from American fighter-bombers, but that’s why we stopped building battleships. (Yes, you can thank airplanes for making surface warfare lame as hell. Stupid carrier spam.)

In Star Wars this doesn’t happen. If a handful of beaten-down starfighters can consistently take down the largest warships, what’s the point of building large warships? Then again, why can they? Don’t the ships have shields or armor plating? Why are battleship-grade turrets so weakly protected that strike craft weapons can punch through them? Who’s designing and paying for these stupid things?

What do star destroyers even do? I’m serious, what do they do aside from look intimidating and get punked out in set-pieces? We have never seen them performing useful actions in any of the main Star Wars media. What possible reason can there be for building giant metal wedges if they aren’t useful in battle?

Also, wouldn’t it be way cooler if they were? When do we get a Star Wars movie that features a rollicking exchange of broadsides between a star destroyer and a Calamari cruiser? Huh? Because that’d be awesome. And don’t mention the prequels. A few stray turbolaser shots between Anakin and Obi-Wan’s bad banter is not rollicking. Rollick me, damn it!

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