Common Courtesy: Dialing it Back

Alright, folks, this seems like an opportune time for me to admit I’m in a bit over my head. What with the college semester in full swing, increased training regimen (again), looking for jobs and actually having editing to do all of a sudden, I need to pull the brakes on the blog. Posts won’t stop, but I have to put further entries to Bird’s Eye View on hold. I’m having trouble maintaining consistent quality as it is, and there’s no point in in posting it if it’s not decent material.

Now, that said, there’s already somewhere close to 20,000 words of it posted HERE. (Seriously, read it. It’s not my best material but it’s still pretty good. Not just mindless violence either). I’ll still be making lore entries from time to time, but the serial itself won’t be receiving further updates until I have my crap in order. Best guess, that’ll be after graduation, probably the start of May.

Thanks for understanding, people. Have a pleasant (and no more than responsibly hammered) Saint Patrick’s Day.

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