Common Courtesy: Damn it, McCurdy!

You may be wondering what happened to Bird’s Eye View #6, which you’ll recall was supposed to be here two and a half hours ago. The short answer is, things. Things happened. A traffic jam led to a failed trip home which led to an emergency grocery trip, which brings us to the present and an empty spot in the lineup.

So, rather than wait a whole week this time, I’ll be posting it tomorrow at 5PM EST. Now, I understand a lot of folks like to just read, like and move on, but I need some input here. Is 5PM EST a good time for these posts, or would some other time be better? For that matter, is Friday okay or would it be better if I switched to Saturday from here on in?

I know it may not seem like it, but I do pay attention to who reads what and when. I put a lot of effort into these posts (even if sometimes it’s pissy effort), so I’d like to make it easier for my readers to set aside time to go through them. Thoughts?

In the meantime, readership of the series in general has been a little (okay, a lot) less than I was hoping for. I’m not the type to leave something like this unfinished now that I’ve started, so I won’t try to tell you I’m going to stop if you don’t read. But since I’m going to do this anyway it’d mean a lot to me if you took a look at it. It’s not the kind of highly polished, intricate work you’d get from me in a true novel, but I’m not being arrogant when I say I know for a fact it’s better than a lot of what those people are asking money for. Or, er, I hope I’m not being arrogant.

Anyway, it’s free, and while future war is definitely a focus (especially right not) I promise you there’s a lot more to the series than that. I have plans. Creepy plans. Supernatural plans. Plans that would be spoilery if I said any more. Episode One is Here and I highly recommend reading it first, but if you insist on skipping to the newest installment (do go back at some point, you’ll be very confused otherwise) Episode Five is Here. And please, do enjoy these. I certainly enjoyed writing them (mostly, though Episode 4 felt like a chore at first).

Say something, darn it!

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