Cullen on the Small Screen: Fight Scene Overview

Hello folks! If you haven’t read the latest (or indeed, any) issues of Bird’s Eye View yet, Episode 5 is Here. If you don’t have the time for 3000+ words of gritty future war, I offer you this 13 minute video of mine about why we even need to discuss fight scenes in the first place. […]

Bird’s Eye View #5: Enter the OpFor

Some of you may have the impression the Defederated Association are the Opposing Force. They are not. Their interference in our mission is inadvertent. The OpFor is Tarse. If Basilisk completes his mission, we will fail ours by default. *** Pink rain poured through a hole in the ceiling to the right and dripped lazily from the barrel of […]

Cullen on the Small Screen: Mindset

Once again, the post for today is a youtube video. This one is just under 10 minutes and opens with actual jokes I filmed separately, so you have no excuse not to weird everyone out while eating your lunch. No, that’s not a false dichotomy. Yes, I do know your life. Watch the friggin’ video! Y’know, […]

Common Courtesy: A Minor Narrative Hiccup

Hello readers, just making this post at 9AM EST when everyone is absolutely certain to see it to let you know that I’ve run into some light editing work involving a whole book. Between this and getting back into practice after a 1-2 fatigue-flu combo, I’ve had to put Bird’s Eye View on the backburner. We will […]