Idle Musings, January 21st 2017

Bar weights make horrendously cumbersome swords, and therefore perfect training tools.

This morning was only quasi-productive. Having seriously gone for the gusto with a 120 pound dumbbell and a 44 pound olympic bar weight (hereafter, Friedrich der Große) as well as normal sword drills and footwork while commuting over the last 4 days, I’m so exhausted today I’ve effectively called off my morning drills. I did take the opportunity to up the polish on my morion helm from satin to mirror, because there’s nothing like adding beauty to the world where no one can ever see it (I never wear the helmet except as a joke). That took about two hours, which is a dubious form of rest.

Picture 92
The morion before polishing, making for rather dim viewing (ha!)
The aforementioned helm after its sheen enhancement therapy, but tragically reduced from helm to ineffective glove.














I’m on the fence about posting something later today, but in the meantime I remind everyone that the first episode of Bird’s Eye View, my serial concerning future-war mercenaries on a planet of dubious merit, is up and readable for free. Not many views yet, but I don’t blame everyone since we’re still engulfed by the controversy of America’s newly-crowned Citrus God-King, The Golden One.


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