Idle Musings, January 20th 2017

No new artistic material this morning since I’ve got exercises yet to finish and class to attend in about an hour (also, I don’t  want to steal attention from other things), but here’s a tiny, obnoxiously specific PC game reference joke. Perhaps you may enjoy it.

One of my favorite completely overlooked comedy moments in gaming is from Company of Heroes’ Tales of Valor expansion. At the end of the first mission in the German mini-campaign, some absolute badass in a King Tiger tank leads a column out to try and break through the American encirclement.

The player character, a Captain staying behind to command the defense of a critical town, wishes him luck. Badass McKoenigstiger responds, “Luck is for the weak, Hauptmann.”

The very first cutscene of the next mission opens with the King Tiger limping back by itself with its main gun blown off at the base and its engine damaged. Badass McKoenigstiger is conspicuously silent.

Say something, darn it!

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