Bird’s Eye View #2: Glorified Search Party

Against Peregrine’s protests, in violation of Raptor protocol, and despite Washi’s best efforts to bribe the Pads’ Stratoskipper jocks, the pair were given exactly enough time for a hot meal and lukewarm shower. They had markedly less time than needed to parse the three bulging folders of intel Desham threw down as they ate, and no […]

The McCurdy Archives: The Tarsian Reserve

(This worldbuilding article is a companion piece to my new serial, Bird’s Eye View. Episode 1 is Here) In the early days on Savar (so the stories all begin), Tarse was nothing special. Founded on the smallest continent, surrounded by a web of islands all too tiny to hold or sustain anything bigger than a village and holding […]

Idle Musings: January 26, 2017

If you’re tired because you’ve made a deliberate decision to push yourself too hard, do you still get to gripe about it? These are the questions philosophers need to answer. Oh, they have? I see. In spite of my exhaustion today (practice may kill me yet), I’ve made an excellent start on Bird’s Eye View […]

The Mccurdy Archives: Concerning Savar

“It’s the opinion of this board that Savar possesses sufficient mineral resources to justify a mining expedition. However, we cannot emphasize enough that the planet has neither the environment to support a full colony, nor the potential to merit developing such an environment. We strongly encourage the Federal Interstellar Bureau to reconsider its stated intentions, as […]