Idle Musings: January 26, 2017

If you’re tired because you’ve made a deliberate decision to push yourself too hard, do you still get to gripe about it? These are the questions philosophers need to answer. Oh, they have? I see. In spite of my exhaustion today (practice may kill me yet), I’ve made an excellent start on Bird’s Eye View […]

Idle Musings, January 21st 2017

This morning was only quasi-productive. Having seriously gone for the gusto with a 120 pound dumbbell and a 44 pound olympic bar weight (hereafter, Friedrich der Große) as well as normal sword drills and footwork while commuting over the last 4 days, I’m so exhausted today I’ve effectively called off my morning drills. I did […]

Idle Musings, January 20th 2017

No new artistic material this morning since I’ve got exercises yet to finish and class to attend in about an hour (also, I don’t  want to steal attention from other things), but here’s a tiny, obnoxiously specific PC game reference joke. Perhaps you may enjoy it. One of my favorite completely overlooked comedy moments in […]