Common Courtesy: McCurdy Joins the Dark Side

Hello, respected and mostly hypothetical audience! Now, I really do appreciate the handful of people who enjoy my babble, but let’s not kid ourselves: a handful ye are. A much-cherished and revered handful, but a handful nonetheless. Even so, I owe it to you die-hard loyalists (or at least, die-with-moderate-difficulty acquaintances) to let you know that I’ve succumbed to the dark call of the publishing industry.

I have been granted the rank of Editor, with the accompanying power to shore up or shatter the dreams of all authors unfortunate enough to fall beneath my Celt-eyed scrutiny. My power is, in fact… quite limited in the grand scheme of things and seriously mitigated by company policies. Still, I have it. And with it comes responsibility, which in turn brings time constraint. My point? I’ll attempt to keep the blog updated consistently for once in my miserable life, but we all know how that goes. They’ll likely be less consistent regardless, what with my having work to do.

Adulthood is terrible, but it comes with the right to whiskey so the Celt in me won’t complain. The German third is easily placated by beer and Rieslings. Buy me more of either and I might post more often. I do take bribes, y’know.

Say something, darn it!

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