The Wheel of Archetypes: The Y-Fighter

Next up on the Wheel of Archetypes, we spin to a halt on a most troubling cultural phenomenon: the Y-Fighter. You’ve seen her before. In fact, you’ve seen several thousand versions of her because she’s by far the most common form of fighting woman in fiction. I’ll make this assertion before I begin. A warrior is […]

The Wheel of Archetypes: The Nimble and the Brutish

I’ve been out of commission for a few days due to career concerns, but now I’ve returned with this article about my two favorite (sorry, most despised) combative character archetypes. One is smooth-talking, light on his feet, deft as a stooping hawk and fragile as a stained-glass window. Doesn’t matter, he never gets hit! Sometimes […]

The Wheel of Archetypes: The Faded Master

Here’s a less-labyrinthine subspecies of post for everyone to chew on. The further I go into writing, the more I become aware of archetypes. You know the drill: some characters are just so awesome (or so easy) that we end up writing them over and over again with minor variations. Even the most nuanced characters […]

Common Courtesy: McCurdy Joins the Dark Side

Hello, respected and mostly hypothetical audience! Now, I really do appreciate the handful of people who enjoy my babble, but let’s not kid ourselves: a handful ye are. A much-cherished and revered handful, but a handful nonetheless. Even so, I owe it to you die-hard loyalists (or at least, die-with-moderate-difficulty acquaintances) to let you know that […]