Common Courtesy: A Diversion of Effort

Greetings, readers! As you have no doubt noticed, because I’m constantly drawing attention to it as if that’s somehow clever or funny, and more importantly because you know me, I have not been particularly active here. There are more reasons for this than usual. The most important one, however, which is the new(ly official) one, is that I am writing… erm… I am writing things that go around the things that my dear cousin Eric Hanson is writing into his novel, progress of which you may keep abreast of here:

It has many things pertaining to the novel, including:
-Leftovers from when all of us thought we were making a graphic novel!
-Awesome dragon designs!
-Cthulu’s bigger cousin as the main villain!
-A pair of weapon renders that I did a year ago!
-The first two chapters of two different drafts!
-A serious dearth of comments!
-A bunch of other stuff, all of which is much better if you just


… and seriously now, dragons. Dragons are semi-important to the plot. Rumors suggest that the main character is, in fact, a dragon.  He would not confirm or deny this, but that is because he is on a fantasy world in an alternate universe totally separate from the alternate universe where a much more awesome version of myself commands a fleet of Star-Destroyer ripoffs. Contact proved impossible. Look, everyone concerned spent a ton of time on this, and they would really appreciate it if you accepted my rather hypothetical credibility as reason enough to look into it.

Because the protagonist will burn our houses down if you don’t.

Say something, darn it!

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