Common Courtesy: I Am A Professional Liar

You’ve probably figured out by now (assuming you even still read this blog) that I am not terribly consistent. “Oh, that story will be out in a week!” I said, about two months ago. I’m not apologizing this time, because from here on in I am reserving the right to disappear. This blog does not and probably never will generate me any income; I’m not in this for the money, but that also means I have no professional obligation at present. So, is that story still coming? Maybe. Eventually, if I can make it work. This is the problem with writing stories to prove you can: it often backfires. What I may start doing is tidying stories I’ve already written for various classes and posting them here. Cheap? Yes. But they’ll be stories I’ve already finished, which should neatly sidestep the whole issue of me saying I’m going to write something and then realizing I have no idea where to start.

I am, as I’ve mentioned, a full-time college student, so I do reserve the right to massive fluctuations in quality and quantity of my writing on this ‘ere blog o’ mine. And shoot, pardner, can you blame a man for wantin’ to spend the holidays with his family? Ahem. Apologies. I need to slip into dumb accents sometimes if my writing starts getting a bit too formal. If I get formal, everyone else gets formal, and then we all start acting diplomatic, and you know as well as I do that politicians are some of the most easily offended people on Earth. Guess all those fancy linguistic dodges don’t help much, do they? Regardless, blogs do this sometimes. We just disappear, like a Tauntaun left in a cave on Hoth. Ha, see, it’s funny because it’s December in Michigan and presently 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Anyone?

Regardless, more stuff is coming when it comes. Because, as I said, I have no professional obligation. Except misleading you! Bwahahahaha!

Picture 48

Your filthy Commisocialist Anarchist writer earlier, as he laughs in the face of TRADITIONAL AMERICAN VALUES like DEADLINES and DOING IT BECAUSE HE SAID HE WOULD.


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