Cullen’s Whiplash Writing Recommendations: Fantasy Cultures

A respectful observation, fellow writers: real world cultures are distinguished by more than sexual permissiveness and/or “weird” gender roles relative to an already mistaken idea of Medieval European social norms. With that first sentence, I’ve viciously murdered a swath of stock “exotic” cultures. It shouldn’t be so easy to eviscerate the cultures of hundreds of […]

The McCurdy Archives: The Loar War

(The previous entry, concerning Canno’s geography and pre-Loar history, is┬áHere) They plummeted in columnar fire to close the Age of Splendor. The Gaunt Ones: strained beings of eight foot stature, bearing weapons and armor unlike anything known on Canno. Their limbs were long, their bodies stark white exoskeletons beneath hard-angle armor of unearthly metals. They […]

Salients of a Broken Mind: Psychiatric Hell

(For miserable background, you may want to read Part One first) Our media fetish for the Hells of brooding darkness and blood-soaked corridors makes us forget that there exists a special, sterile Hell, clean-swept and lifeless. I found its local incarnation around 4AM on July 26th, 2017. I knew, on some level, that I condemned […]