Regarding the Status of the Blog

If you’re checking this, you’re probably invested enough in my Musings that you saw the shutdown post near the end of last June. So, what’s changed? In the short term: nothing beyond the tricking hope-wisps my words might grace these pages anew. Too much has happened since my dismal June to encompass at 8PM EST. […]

The War I’ve Fought My Whole Life

Anger is a reptile. After basking somewhere deep within for ages, seemingly beyond recall or remembrance, it explodes out of you at the worst times. The harder you grasp it, the harder it thrashes. It goes from a striking viper to a death-rolling crocodile. This is what you’re told. Has it ever occurred to you […]

The Non-Sparkly Podcast, Episode 5: Fight Scenes in Writing

I finally wrap up my thoughts about fight scenes in writing, covering a number of common problems and offering suggestions for improvement. I apologize for the white noise in this one. The weather here’s been abominable and I was stuck between losing quality of thought due to cooking in my chair or losing audio quality. […]